Bi-Habawalk Inc. serves at-risk youth between the ages of 8 and 25, of low-income communities. Our programs, divided into three main areas, academic, social, and life skills, are conducted in schools, libraries, community centers, churches, and other places where young people of diverse cultural backgrounds hang out.

The academic program teaches participants how to become successful life-long students, train for post-secondary opportunities, improve reading and math skills and apply those skills to community needs, and others.

Our Social program inspires participants to build self-confidence develop anger and conflict management These programs promote positive social behavior.????

The Life skill program is performed through a rather interestingly unique artistic, cultural, coaching and mentorship activities. Students develop self-assessment skills that leads to positive career goals.

Program Objective

At the completion of our program individuals will,

·         gain skills required to avoid the extremes of aggression or introversion;

·         identify and reject self-destructive activities;

·         acquire skills necessary for self-empowerment and teamwork.